Rules & Info

Here is a short list of rules for this site and other information.


SCP Sigma 9:
The theme used for this wiki was originally created and designed by Aelanna and was originally meant for the SCP Foundation wiki. This site uses an edited version of the SCP-Sigma-9 theme, and the SCP Foundation graciously allows anyone to copy paste the theme from the site for others to use.

Anomaly Class Bar:
This site uses an edited version of djkaktusdjkaktus's Anomaly Class Bar which was created for the SCP wiki. It is a very awesome addition, so we decided to integrate it into our site with a few minor edits.


  • Don't be rude.

Simply put. We are here to have a good time, not to argue and fuss.

  • Don't spam the site.

Don't spam the site with crappy submissions. Even though these are treated mostly as a joke, we don't want countless pages that have spelling errors in them.

  • Image policy.

All images must come from or relate to the game "Team Fortress 2" and must show some sort of mercenary with a deformity or an unsettling posture. You can find examples of this in other people's articles. When using an image, please make sure that no names are present.

This wiki is fairly small, and we are not profiting from any monetization, so any that allows use for non-profit purposes or are copyright free are allowed.

You should also credit where you found the images, especially if its a render / drawing. However, this is not required UNLESS the image that you are using specifically states that you have to credit it. You can find out more about our image policy on the resources page.


When creating a TF2 entry, please use the tags. If your object class for your entry is "Unique", add the tag "unique". If your entry is about the Soldier, Medic, Heavy, or any other class, add the corresponding tag. All TF2 entries must also have the tag "tf2" applied to them.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License