Here is a list of some resources.


The SCP Foundation has multiple classes and employees at their foundation. We have our own version of that too!

VO Council - The overseers of the site. Basically, a fancy word for the moderators and respected members. These can be used in your articles, and it is your decision if you want to redact their names or not.

VO-1 - AnomalousDuckyAnomalousDucky

VO-2 - Zeus073Zeus073

VO-3 - BeeboBeebo

VO-4 - Geoffrey(god)Geoffrey(god)

VO-5 - TheOfficialOvermindTheOfficialOvermind

D-Class Mercenaries - The guinea pigs of the Foundation. These are low level prisoners of war who have been sentenced to the Foundation for testing and monitoring of dangerous anomalies.


To write a TF2 entry, please use these object classes.

Normal: An object class used to describe entities or objects that have been proven to be non-anomalous, have ceased their anomalous properties, or has been terminated.

Haunted: An object class used to describe entities or anomalies that are anomalous in nature, but do not need extensive containment procedures and pose no immediate threat.

Genuine: An object class used to describe entities or anomalies that have been exposed to the public by the Foundation.

Unique: An object class used for anomalies that are easily contained, and are easily understood.

Strange: An object class used for anomalies that are hard to understand the complete capabilities of.

Unusual: An object class used for anomalies that require multiple resources to contain, or cannot be contained at all.


[[module Rate]]

**Item #:** TF2-XXXX

**Object Class:** Unique/Strange/Unusual

**Special Containment Procedures:** [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

**Description:** [Paragraphs explaining the description]

**Addendum:** [Optional additional paragraphs]


There are many different places you can find images for your articles. Make sure you give credit by posting the link to the original in the discussion page of that article.
(This rule was enforced on 9/17/2019. Any articles before this would just be too much of a hassle to link all the sources, but they came from the same source as the ones listed below).

Mercenaries of TF2 Twitter
This account has many posts of weird and obscure TF2 screenshots. Most posts here are submitted by followers, but you should still cite the source in the discussion form of your page.

TF2 Freakshow Wiki
Here is a FANDOM wiki about the characters in the popular custom game mode, "Freak Fortress". There are a lot of interesting images you can find on here, so check it out!


Add images to your article with this code:

[[div class="scp-image-block block-right" style="width:300px;"]]
[[image NAME OF IMAGE style="width:300px;" link=#]]
[[div class="scp-image-caption" style="width:300px;"]]

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