Welcome to the TF Foundation.

This wiki is a parody of The SCP Foundation.

We contain all the dangerous and anomalous entities in the TF2 universe and protect Mann Co at all cost.

Please keep in mind that this wiki is for fun. These pages are written for fun and entertainment, and our work is not 100 percent professional in any way.

Please read the Rules & Info page before posting, thanks!

A simple list of resources can be found here.

UPDATE 10/18/2019:

Hello, users! This is the site owner, AnomalousDuckyAnomalousDucky, bringing you an important message.

This site has been abandoned, mostly. However, we are planning on creating a REMASTERED version of this site!

This one will most likely be deleted, and most articles will be ported over to the new one.

There will be more pages, more features, a better CSS theme, and much, much more!

This started out as an inside joke, but I believe it can become so much more. So, loyal members, please stay tuned for our upcoming site remaster! We will be waiting for you there.

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